Hellfest 2023 - Common talks

This is a topic for all your discussions about Hellfest’s upcoming edition.

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Is viagogo relaible platform? Thank you :slight_smile:

No it’s not. The official platform for secondhand tickets is https://reelax-tickets.com/ where you need to register to the waiting list.
This is the only website where you can be sure that the ticket you bought will actually be valid at the entrance in June.


Hi, we are going to Hellfest for the first time this year and would like to come in a motorhome. Is there a special campsite for these cars with electricity, water,… ? If not, where can this car be parked?

There’s no dedicated space for vans/mobile-homes. You can just park with regular cars as long as you don’t take more than the width of your motor-home.
However, no water/electricity in there…

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Thanks for the answer, even if it didn’t make us happy. Does this mean parking in the official parking lot and using the toilets and showers in the free campsites? What is the distance between the parking lot and the campsites?

That depends on ehat parking you are.
It might be that you’ll have to take a shuttle bus to get there!

Hi, there are 2 designated motorhome parking sites. We use the one to the south of Hellfest, it has toilets and is next to shops. You walk to the festival site along the closed road. There are a group of Brits all meeting up and parking in there again this year. The parking to the north uses a shuttle to get to and from the site.

Maybe it would be relevant to remind to everyone that parkings are only to park vehicles? So no arbours or no tents next to them.

Hi there, hope you all are ok

First timers here, and we are wondering is small BBQs are allowed on camping site?, we are planing on staying on the purple camping, how far is that camping from Metal Corner?

Tanks in advance

Hi @Jose

Unfortunately, BBQs are NOT allowed on camping site

More informations about the camping on this page: Hellfest | 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 juin 2023

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Hello Gotaar,

Thanks for the quick answer, although i understand, i need to ask, what about a camping portable stove, would that be ok?

sorry for the inconvinience

Hi gotaar,

I read the general info about use of stove or BBQ, all clear now, thanks anyway

You’re welcome :wink:

are you coming to hellfest alone? are you a nice metalhead?

you can join us, we have a group of friends from all over the world. We have met in past editions and we will do so this year as well.

If you are interested write me privately and we will add you to our whatsapp group



Greetings all,

Just like Fuzzface’s group of friends above, we are a group of friends who met at Hellfest in the past. We have a WhatsApp community with both a French speaking and an English speaking group. (And we also have a Discord server.) If you’re going to Hellfest alone this year and would like to join a bunch of friendly people, feel free to click the link bellow to join our WhatsApp community:

Modification by Moderation Team.

Please use official website for homestay accomodation:

HELLFEST HEBERGEMENT (hellfest-hebergement.fr)

Hello Fuzzface i would like to join you, i am from Argentina and i am coming alone


Dame tu numero de WhatsApp para agregarte al grupo.