[Campsite and Easy Camp]

Hello Hellbangers !

In this topic, you will find all information available for the campsite and the Easy Camp. It will be updated with new details when we have them.

You can also ask questions ici (after checking that it’s not already answered in this post :wink: )


Do I have to pay additional fees to access the campsite?
By purchasing a Hellfest ticket (daily or 4-days passes), you will have access to the campsite free of charge. Please note that this is not the Easy Camp

Should I book a spot in advance?
No booking is necessary for the free campsite. First come, first served.

When will I be allowed access to the campsite?
The campsite will be open from Wednesday June 26th to Monday July 1st. Opening and closing hours will be shared when available.

I purchased a single-day ticket, can I access the campsite?
Single-day tickets holders are allowed access to the campsite for the day of their ticket (i.e if you have a Friday ticket, you will be allowed access on Friday). Holders of Thursday tickets will be allowed on Wednesday evening.

Is there a map of the campsite?
This is the map of the campsite for the 2023 edition. We’ll share the map of 2024 when available.


What is the Easy Camp?
The Easy Camp is a campsite area with a variety of amenities such as showers, toilets, a shady resting area (with tables, beanbag chairs, deckchairs…), a food court and mobile-recharging area. The Easy Camp site is monitored and only accessible to holders of Easy Camp ticket.

When will I be able to purchase an Easy Camp ticket?
We will have more details in the upcoming months.

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