F.A.Q about Reelax Tickets

Hello all,

As you might already know, Hellfest has partnered with Reelax Tickets (instead of TicketSwap) to handle the official resale of Hellfest tickets.

I listed below the questions we had so far and i’ll update it throughout the year.

You can also visit the general FAQ of Reelax tickets.

:warning: WARNING :warning:

We were notified that there have been phishing attempts sent to people looking for tickets. Please be cautious when you’re using a link and make sure you’re on the right website.
If you have a doubt or have yourself faced such an attempt, please contact the Reelax Tickets support on support@reelax-tickets.com.

Questions about the resale and purchase of Hellfest tickets on Reelax Tickets:

Q: Is there an app for Reelax Tickets?
A: There is no app available. You must use their website

Q: How should I proceed to buy secondhand tickets?
A: You need to sign in to Reelax Tickets and look for the Hellfest event. You have to select the buyer button to be registered on the waiting list.
/!\ It’s also limited to TWO tickets per account.

Q: How should I proceed to sell a ticket on Reelax?
A: You must also sign in and look for the Hellfest event. You must select the seller button and follow the instructions.
As a seller, you must be vetted by Reelax Tickets, which will require an official ID. Please ensure that you have completed this part otherwise the sale will not go through.

Q: How does Reelax Tickets work?
A: Reelax Tickets automatically send e-mails to people registered on the waiting list. 90% of the recepients received it based on their listing ranking, while 10% received it randomly.
If you haven’t registered yet, make sure you do so ASAP to enhance your chances to receive an e-mail.

Q: I have scored all the tickets I need, do I have to unsubscribe from the waiting list?
A: Reelax Tickets will automatically remove you from the waiting list once you have purchased all your tickets (1/1 or 2/2). If you were looking for two tickets and you only bought one, you will keep receiving the e-mails until the last purchase is completed.

Q: What are the applicable fees for secondhand tickets?
A: There are no fees applicable to the sale of tickets.
If you’re a buyer, you will have to pay a 10% fee on the face value of the ticket. This means that if you purchase the ticket at 329€, you will pay a total price of 361.90€, with fees amounting to 32.90€.

Q: What are the highest and lowest prices I could buy/sell a ticket for?
A: The face value of the ticket can’t be lower than 110€ or higher than 329€.

Q: Is it possible to do a private sale?
A: You can. However, it also falls under the same price limits.

Q: Can I sell my Collector Pack (4D pass + The Bible)?
A: Collector packs are open to sale on Reelax Tickets. However, you cannot sell the book on this platform, only the 4D pass, within the limit of 329€.

Q: Can I transfer the reimbursement insurance to the buyer of my ticket(s)?
A: You can’t. The reimbursement insurance is automatically withdrawn when you resell your ticket(s).

Q: My e-mail service provider is Yahoo and I haven’t received the confirmation request. Is it normal?
A: Reelax Tickets is facing a technical issue with Yahoo which they’re currently working on.

Q: How should I proceed to change the name on a ticket I bought on Reelax?
A: You need to reach out to Reelax Tickets support team to provide you with the order reference needed on https://tickets.hellfest.fr/

Q: Can the buyer change the name on Reelax Tickets if we do a private sale?
A: If you choose to make a private sale with someone specific, you have the option to change the name on the ticket while making the purchase.