F.A.Q. Hellfest 2024



The first wave of 4-Day passes will go on sale on Tuesday 27 June 2023 at 1pm (GMT + 2)
tickets.hellfest.fr, beware of fake sites and scams!

The remaining 4-Day passes will be sold during the last quarter of 2023 (date to be announced) and the 1-Day passes at the beginning of 2024.


When they go on sale, only 1 type of pass will be available for purchase:


  • Valid from 27 June to 30 June 2024
  • Price: 329€ (excluding rental costs)
  • For those aged 17 and over
  • The age taken into account is that on the day of the festival!

The rest of 4-Day passes will go on sale in the last quarter of 2023.


  • Price: €9/ticket (to be ticked when purchasing the pass)
  • Validity: Refund without justification until 17 May 2024, midnight French time.
  • Activate the option on tickets.hellfest.fr
  • Amount Refunded up to the price of the festival ticket (administration fees not refunded)


  • Eligibility: children from 6 to 16 years old
  • Purchase at the box office on presentation of a valid over 17 yo Pass
  • Only one half-price pass per adult (regardless of the child’s age)
  • Parental authorisation required (available soon on hellfest.fr)
  • Access to the festival is forbidden to children under the age of 6


Disabled persons and any accompanying person must be in possession of a valid pass (not for sale on site, wristbands cannot be given away).


Parking and camping (excluding Easy Camp) are included in the price of Hellfest passes.


The person responsible for the order may purchase a maximum of 2 x 4-Day Passes.


You will be asked to provide a number of details at the time of purchase, so please prepare them in advance for each tickets:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email of the person responsible for the purchase
  • Mobile phone number
  • Full postal address
  • Date of birth

The person responsible for the purchase will be our sole contact for the management of all tickets relating to this order (after-sales service, resale, refund, etc.).

Please check that your details are correct and complete before confirming! Tick the « Ticket Refunded » option for each ticket that should benefit from this option.

Please note! The order is considered confirmed once all the stages have been validated. Final confirmation is displayed at the end, including your order number and the e-mail address you entered to receive your ticket.


The official sale will take place on tickets.hellfest.fr.
Remember to check the spelling of the site! Be on the lookout for scams and sites that could imitate the hellfest visuals.
Check your purchase limit before ordering and use your phone to validate your bank’s 3D Secure.


Hellfest has teamed up with Reelax Tickets to offer you a platform for the resale or secure purchase of second-hand 2024 Passes.
The resale platform will be activated on June 28th - 1PM.


Transport Packs are no longer available.
At the beginning of 2024, we will be recommending several partners to help you organize your journey to the festival (bus, train, carpooling…).

Hi all :slight_smile:
I got a ticket for 2024 - I’ve never been, and have never been to a festival outside the UK. I’ve also not camped or been to a festival in over 15 years - so I’m somewhat terrified and excited together.

Has anyone got a ticket, or planning on getting one for next year? Will there be forums or a way to chat with others from England? I wish I could speak French, but alas, British schools in the 90’s meant extremely poor classes and education. I’ll try and learn more over the next year :slight_smile:

But anyway, it would be great to meet others, especially if anyone has experience being at Hellfest with a disability.

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Hellcome :metal:

Stay tuned, you have a full year to be on top, the english speaker part of the community is not very large here, it’s better on Discord, but anyway don’t worry we will provide you all advices on campsite and tips on almost everything, even on bands :wink:
Few month before the date, there also will be a special group for people who are coming alone.

As PeteBondurant said, there are more English speakers on the Hellfest Discord. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask it in English even in the French parts of this forum : you will always find someone to answer you.
Welcome on board and see you in Hell next year !

First: better late than never. I was away for a few days (in Germany).

You won’t be the only non-French speaking person on Hellfest. And you won’t be the last either! :wink:

It all starts with how you will be travelling. By train (from London St Pancras to Paris Nord, then transfer, don’t bother, it’s awful! Or by plane to Nantes Airport and then the transfer to either the SNCF railway station and then the local train to Clisson, or the shuttle from said airport directly to Clisson. It’s a while before those infos are published though. But for FLIGHTS and Eurostar and TGV (high speed trains within France) you should prepare about 4-6 months in advance.

Last edition, if not mistaken, there was a WhatsApp group formed by « internationals » who were all going (solo) to Hellfest. Maybe it still exists, maybe it doesn’t. But a little research in the (English) archive could shed some light on it.

Last but not least, the younger generation tends to speak better English nowadays than the « older » one (désolé les gens, c’est MA perception!) It’s just the accent… :crazy_face:

Hi there,
I’ve been to Hellfest before , we are travelling up by campervan . I’ve heard that there are free campervan pitches; what is the location , and is it secure ?
Many thanks

I will be changing my surname before the festival because I’m getting married. Will it affect the validity of the ticket if the surname on my pass won’t match my ID? I’m also the one who purchased the passes.

Thanks! :raised_hands: :metal:

Not at all only the QR Code is taken into account, you can put Phil Anselmo if you want :wink: