Hellfest 2023 - Common talks

Hi everyone,

This thread is dedicated to all the random talks or questions related to the Hellfest 2023.

Enjoy your time here :beer:
Edit : Please do not ask for tickets on this forum. Due to past scams, it is not allowed to ask for tickets, or even for ticket exchanges/swaps.[/color]

[color=#ff4124]The only official way to get a ticket is by using Ticketswap.[/color]

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Er, I think you made a small mistake in the year. :wink:

Bonjour, you lovely Frenchies! Hope you’re well.

Can anyone tell me when the tickets are going on sale?

Got a good feeling about Hellfest next year and don’t want to miss out!

Merci beaucoup x

No date has been given yet… stay tuned (if you go on the festival official Facebook page every few days, you will undoubtedly get the info :wink: )

Très gentil, merci et thanks ?

Salut a tous!!! Nous sommes un Media Colombienne qui a fait un enregistrement de notre première visit au Hellfest…Donc voilà notre After Movie ici:


C’est ne pais un virus o quelques chose, seulement notre hônet travail!

que pensez-vous de notre travail ?

I am a barbarophone, living in a multi linguistic country. I, therefore, am very aware of speaking the right (or wrong) language.

U mag hierover nadenken.

Next Tuesday (18th) at 1pm Paris time :wink:

Just one note for our foreigners friends:
DO NOT take the package with the book unless you have a french postal address at your name, otherwise your order will be cancelled, including ticket :whistle:

And with extention, Pete is talking about METROPOLITAN France! So… .if you live in, say St. Martin, or Mayotte, or French Guyana or wherever in France, outside of continental Europe, you’re also NOT eligable for this Collectors Pack!

A quick refreshment, so you’ll al know what to expect.

You understood, this edition 2023 will be on 4 days, from June 15 to 18 2023.

While waiting, the officiel site of Hellfest has been renewed and addes additional infos:


When will ticket sales for the edition 2023 start?
The ticket sales for the edition 2023 will take place on Tuesday, October 18, 1:00pm (CEST) at tickets.hellfest.fr

:information_source: Find all information here: https://www.hellfest.fr/informations-billetterie.html
:warning: Attention, new info concerning the ticket sales :warning:
2 packs will be proposed:

  • Pass 4 days: simple ticket for the edition 2023
  • Collector Pack: 1 Pass 4 days+ Collector edition of the book "Hellfest - La Bible"only available during this ticket sale! (more info about this: https://editionspointbarre.fr/content/1 … -la-bible)
  • Stop of transportation packs (bus / trains): we’ll be back to you at the start of 2023 with transport solutions from our partners, in order to organise your trip to Clisson.
    :interrobang: Multiple addresses to answer your questions :interrobang:
  • Official site (rubrique information billetterie) : hellfest.fr
  • Discord : https://discord.gg/hellfestopenair
  • Forum : http://www.hellfest-forum.fr/

Until then, ATTENTION to fraudulous offers! NO TICKET for the edition 2023 is on sale at this hour.

Complementairy information about the sale:
Which info will be asked to me, during the sale:

Some information will be asked during the time you buy your ticket, prepare in advance:
• NAME (given name)
• First name
• Email of the buying person
• Mobile phone (cell phone) number
• A COMPLETE postal address
• Date of birth

Le ticket buyer will be our sole and unique interlocuter for managing all issues with the tickets of this order, (SAV, resale, repayment, etc).
Think about verifying all of your information, see if all is correct, and complette before you vaidate the order!
Click the option « Ticket Remboursé »/« Ticket repayment » for every ticket that has to benefit from this option.

Attention! The order is considered « confirmed » after validation of ALL steps. The definitive confirmation will be shown at the end,
including your order number and your e-mail, where you’ll recieve your ticket(s).

Ticket details available as from 18/10/2022:
2 Types of tickets are available:

• Valid]: from 15 june through 18 june 2023
• For 17 years and more
The age into consideration is the age at the time of the Festival!

• Validité : du 15 juin au 18 juin 2023
• Inclus :
o 1 Pass 4 Jours Plein Tarif
o Version collector du livre « Hellfest - La Bible » en précommande, exclusivement disponible lors de cette mise en vente.
Après confirmation de votre commande, un nouvel email sera envoyé à chaque acheteur pour lui confirmer la date d’expédition de son colis par Chronopost.

• Price: 9€ / ticket (to click, whilst buying your ticket)
• Valid: Refund without justification until 19 May 2023 included, midnight CEST (Metro French time)
• Activation of this option on tickets.hellfest.fr
• Refund price: the price on the ticket (pre sale fees will not be refunded)

• Eligibilible : kids from 6 years until 16 years
• To be bought on site at the counter « Billetterie » under presentation of your Pass 4 days normal rate, valid
• Only ONE half fair rate per full rate (whatever age of the child)
• Parental authorisation compulsory (soon available at hellfest.fr)
• Access to the festival is prohibited to infants under 6 years old

A person in situation of a handicap, and his/her eventual accompanion person, must BOTH be in possession of a valid ticket (no sale on site, a wristband will not be given).

Exit Ticketswap, bonjour Reelax Tickets!
This year, Hellfest associates with Reelax Tickets: https://reelax-tickets.com/ to offer you a platform for 2nd hand tickets, whether you have to sell, or want to buy!

This platform will open, as soon as the ticket sale has ended.

When will the 2023 edition take place? What about the format of the Thursday June 15?

The 2023 edition will take place from Thursday June 15 until Sunday June 18, 2023.

The concerts of the Thursday June 15 will start in the course of the afternoon, on the 6 scenes of the festival. The programm will be announced at the same time as the announcement of the programm of 2023.

When will the programm be announced?
The programm will be announced at the end of the year 2022. More info to come!

Additional info:

Q: What if my child turns 17 in May 2023?
A: A FULL rate ticket is needed.
Q: My kid turns 6 in July 23. Can s/he get in?
A: No! Under 6, no access!

Ok, fuck that was sad,
was on the website since 12:20,

once It showed a queue number it was 86000.

So I got lucky, that a friend has a spare ticket, but it does not have my name.

In the last years it was never a problem to have a ticket with a different name, since they just check QR codes.

Since the resale website does not allow direct sales, there is no way that he can change one of the tickets to my name, right?


No matter what’s indicated on the ticket, there is no check at the entrance :wink:

But if you really want to change it, you still can do a private sale with your friend, on the new official exchange website, reelax-tickets.com… But i guess fees will be charged by the website

As Shakapéro said, there’s no ID check at the entrance.

However, there’s a new feature on the website which allows you to change the name on the ticket.
Your friend (the one who made the order) can visit the official website https://tickets.hellfest.fr/index_en.html and manage the tickets from there.

Hi everyone maybe it’s too early to ask, but I would like to know if there will be additional SNCF trains for the return to Nantes after the end of the concerts like last year. Thanks in advance for your answer.

Yes, it’s too early to know but I guess that SNCF is used to HF now and will do what is needed.

Tomorrow, we’ll know a few groups for HF '23.

It’s actually the full line-up announcement tomorrow Thursday December 15th, 7pm CET.

EDIT: I might also add that there will be a live stream on Hellfest’s Twitch channel at 6:30pm CET. It’ll be attended by Ben, Yoann and Hélène, who are in charge of bookings. They will discuss some of the bands booked and you might (or might not :P) have the full line-up earlier than the official announcement at 7pm CET.

There will also be an ephemeral
channel on [url=https://discord.gg/hellfestopenair]Hellfest’s official Discord where moderators will try and translate live so that non-French speakers can also discuss the event. Don’t hesitate to join. :wink:

Cancelled by Moderator’s team, no respect of the rules.

I do not know why my messages have been deleted by the Moderators. I would appreciate an explanation, with a reference to the rule that I have (allegedly) breached :expressionless: Plane tickets to Nantes for the dates of Hellfest are definitely related to the forum’s mission.