Coming to Hellfest alone ? Finds mates here to share a beer !

Hi fellow travelers,

This topic is the English equivalent of the French « Solitary camper » one.

Feel free to post here to find mates when you will be on site :slight_smile:

It is always better to share some time with other metalheads :horns:

Yes! thanks for the new thread Mate! I will be the first weekend camping alone, still dont know if my friends from Caribbean would be able to come Europe yet. So I hope to meet cool people from everywhere and also practice my Français and Share some beers « bien sûr! »

Same here! Will be going for the two weeks and coming alone, would love to meet some people and party :slight_smile:


It’s my first time and I’ll be coming on my own for part 2 (23-27).
I’ll be coming from the UK (Southeast) and would love to meet people to hang out, drink and watch some amazing bands together!

I have a campervan and considering driving if I can figure out where to park (maybe a nearby campsite), in which case I would be up for giving people a ride and tagging along. But maybe the train+camping at the festival is better experience? Still deciding… :slight_smile:

I’m also coming solo from the UK (Southeast) for part 2. I got easy camping mainly because I can’t be arsed carrying a tent and sleeping bag all the way to France on my own!

Would be great to catch up and sink a few beers, if people are interested maybe we could start a whatsApp group or something like that?

I’m coming from South Devon, joining my bro’ in Brittany before going to Clisson in a campervan for the full edition.

Third Hellfest for me, if you want any tips or just share few beers on site, there you go ! :horns:

You can also catch me up at Download Festival the week before, i’ll be solo the whole 3 days ]:D:beer:

This year will be my first Hellfest. I’ll be coming to the second weekend. I’m so excited! And definitely would love to meet and make new friends! ???

Hi there! It’s gonna be a first for my best friend and I (we’re coming to the 1st week-end - EasyCamp), and we’re looking forward to meeting people there: I’m French but a bilingual English speaker, will be happy to join you folks! :slight_smile:

Hey dude, that sounds awesome!

Do you guys have a plan with the campervan? I’m also driving down on one and trying to figure out where to park etc…

Hola a todos!
Hi everyone, I am going straight from USA and this will be my first Hellfest, since I don’t have a clue about what do I need to do, I just chose stay on Nantes and get there by of of many shuttles available , also I’ll be there by myself, so if someone wanna to share train, and/or beers you’re more than welcome!

You will definitely find mates to share a beer while on site !
If you don’t, shoot a post on here or on the Hellfest Discord to find beer mates when we will be on site !


I’m traveling from Montreal, Canada and most likely will attend the second solo weekend, therefore I booked the Easy camp. It would be nice to get together for a beer and some great music.

2nd time hellfest. Will be there the entire time. Are there any english/german/dutch speaking hellfest club members that travel solo? Would be nice to have a talk and a drink.


Kan jou aanraden, dit even te lezen:
Er is er ook een voor de week later. (subforum « Discussions divers » → Apéro HF 2 oid)
En als je meer wil weten, dan even een PB’tje.

I can recommend you the link (in the Dutch phrase)

Hi , same situation here , also from the caribbean and going alone :slight_smile: . have you created a group or something? would be nice if we could meet at the festival

The Mrs and I are coming from Glasgow area. Her third time at Hellfest and my fourth but our first time heading over alone without a group. We’re only going for the first week - flying down on the Wednesday and staying in Nantes for a night before heading to Clisson on the train and jumping in one of the shuttle buses.

We haven’t been since 2016 due to the kids being born so we are in dire need of a few/many drinks while getting shouted at in a field!

If there are any other fellow Scots interested I’m bringing as many bottle of tonic wine as I can fit in my bag/French authorities will allow so gies a shout and we’ll get mangled! :beer: :horns:

For those who are interested.

Hey mates ! First timer here. Will be coming alone second week-end. French but I speak fluent « drunken English ». Would love to share a beer- or a neat dram of scotch, I’m more of a whisky guy

Halo Hellfest ppl ! First time to Hellfest and i will be there for the first weekend, most likely coming solo from Berlin. Patrick7219 I may not be German but 8 years in Berlin and working as postman, what the hell wir konnen naturlich auf Deutsch quatschen un bierchen haben :wink: :beer: :horns: :horns:

I reckon it wont be hard meeting ppl especially other solo travelers, but in case someone here wants to get acquainted beforehand you can find me as Vasili Fam on [url=] MY INSTA

I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR THIS :horns: :horns: :horns: :horns: :horns: