F.A.Q about Hellfest


General information

  • It will be held from June 15 to 18, 2023

  • There is no transport package (bus/train); we will come back to you in early 2023 with The festival is now forbidden to children under 6 years old. Beyond and until the day before the 17th birthday, the half price applies:

    • Purchase on site at the « Ticketing » desk upon presentation of a valid regular 4-day pass
    • Only one half-price pass per full-price ticket (regardless of the child’s age)*
    • Parental authorization required (available on hellfest.fr soon).
  • Disabled-person services :
    The disabled-person services are for holders of disability, priority, parking, care and emergency and mobility inclusion cards. The disabled person and their companion must be in possession of a valid pass (no sale on site, a wristband can not be shared).
    They can benefit with their companion:

    • A « Disabled-person » reception area at the entrance of the festival: you will be given a wristband and a « Disabled-person pass » on presentation of your ticket and your documents (disability card, priority card…). There will be a recharging point for wheelchairs and battery-powered medical devices during opening hours of the reception.
    • A dedicated parking spot for cars (requires booking, as of from April 2023, depending on available spots à the time).
    • A dedicated campsite (no booking needed, you can choose a spot upon arrival). :warning: Please note that there is no electricity source on the campsite :warning:
    • Circulation lanes to facilitate your movements.
    • Access to a refrigerator for your medication.
    • Platforms in front of each stage, with a recharging point for wheelchairs during festival hours.
  • If you selected the refund option during the official sale:

    • Validity: Refund without proof until May 19, 2023, midnight CET (Paris time).
    • Activation of the option on tickets.hellfest.fr
    • Amount refunded up to the price of the festival ticket (management fees not refunded).
  • The 1 day tickets are sold out.

  • Second-hand tickets can only be purchased on Reelax Tickets.

  • The program is available here

:red_car: Carpooling
There’s a new partnership with TRIBUGO this year to connect festival-goers who wish to carpool. It’s free of charge and accessible on this link :
Covoiturage et bus - Hellfest 2023 16

Please make sure to have as many carpoolers in your vehicle as possible. This lightens the stress on the parking sites as well as alleviate Hellfest’s carbon footprint.

:trolleybus: Bus
ONTOURS, a Hellfest partner, will allow you to travel from 20 cities in France, Belgium and Switzerland, to Hellfest. If you want an easy way to travel without the hassle of organising it visit Hellfest, festival metal à Clisson en juin 2023 avec Ontours 7 for more information.

:train2: Train
High speed trains (TGV) are now open to booking on SNCF Connect.

The partnership with SNCF - Billet Live - to offer 5€ tickets from any station in the region of Pays-de-la-Loire to Hellfest has been reconducted this year. Bookings will open soon.

There will also be connections from Clisson to Nantes at night. More information to come.

More information on https://www.sncf-connect.com/ 10

:airplane: Flight

The partnership with Nantes’ airport - Hell Force One - is renewed this year as well. You will have special signage, a reception desk and shuttles to the festival.


I wasn’t lucky during the official tickets’ sales. What should I do ?
Exit Ticketswap, hello Reelax Tickets for tickets repurchases!
This year, Hellfest is partnering with https://reelax-tickets.com/ to offer you a platform to resell or securely purchase second-hand 2023 tickets.

Is the festival site open to visitors?
Yes, the site is open to visitors on foot only 7/7. More information on access and parking via : https://www.levignobledenantes-tourisme.com/
:warning: The site will be closed to visitors as of 21st of April until 17th of July 2023. :warning:

I am a restaurant owner, a stand operator, an exhibitor and I wish to participate.
Please send your application to the following e-mail addresses:
Exhibitor / Market : market@hellfest.fr
Restaurant owner : resto@hellfest.fr
Other requests : info@hellfest.fr
We receive many applications, please refrain from frequent chasers.

When will the Thursday concerts begin?
The Thursday concerts are scheduled to start in the afternoon. We will get back to you when the running order is available.

When will we be able to access the campsite?
The campsite will open on Wednesday, June 14th 2023 at 4pm CET.
See below opening hours for each area of Hellfest.

When can we book Easy Camp?
Bookings of Easy Camp will open on April 6th 2023 at 2pm CEST on Hellfest website.

What are the available options ?

  • Duo Tent : 1 cardboard tent with a single camp bed, 1 lamp and 2 kits (sleeping bag, camping chairs, bath towels, hygiene kit) : 265€
  • Tipi for 2 : One 3m diameter Tipi with 2 mattresses, 1 lamp et 2 comfort kits (140 x 200 cm duvet, 60 x 60 cm pillow, bedsheets, bath towels, hygiene kit) 495
  • Tipi for 4 : One 4m diameter tipi with 4 mattresses, 1 lamp and 4 comfort kits (140 x 200 cm duvet, 60 x 60 cm pillow, bedsheets, bath towels, hygiene kit) : 764€
  • Tipi for 5 : One 4.5m diameter tipi with 5 mattresses, 1 lamp and 5 comfort kits (140 x 200 cm duvet, 60 x 60 cm pillow, bedsheets, bath towels, hygiene kit) : 954
  • Tipi for 6 : One 4.5m diameter tipi with 6 mattresses, 1 lamp and 6 comfort kits (140 x 200 cm duvet, 60 x 60 cm pillow, bedsheest, bath towels, hygiene kit): 1 145
  • Chalet for 4 Personnes : 2 sets of bunk beds with 10cm thick mattresses, 1 lamp and 4 comfort kits (140 x 200 cm duvet, 60 x 60 cm pillow, bedsheets, bath towels, hygiene kit) : 1 750€

Please note that additionnal booking fees will apply. A deposit will be debited from your cashless account and returned to you depending on the inventory of fixtures.

When will the Easy Camp open ?
It’ll open on Wednesday 14th of June 2023. You have to collect your wristband beforehand to access the area.

Who is allowed to retrieve a group reservation ?
To be allowed access to your tent(s), the buyer (i.e the one who booked the Easy Camp)MUST be there. We advise group members to all be there when accessing it. Make sure to have your ID with you.

Will there be shuttles between the airport and Hellfest?
Shuttles will navigate between the Airport of Nantes and the Western parking site at Hellfest. Service starts Wednesday at noon and stops Monday same time. Bookings and information here.

Info about V.I.P. I have V.I.P for Hellfest 2023 and was wondering if anyone has done this before if you have any info at all about what the area is like, food options etc just in general. Thanks in advance

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I don’t have the specific options that would be offered yet. But the area has its private easy access, a bar, resting spot, pool, and I suppose restaurants. Though we’ve had no info on that so far.

I will update this topic accordingly when it’s available.


Thank you very much for your response Iko. Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Private acces gate and direct acces to the festival.
Specific area where you have tables, chairs.
A bar with a bigger choice of drinks.
A big screen where you see the Mainstage set.
A press area (limited acces), but you can see musicians.

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Hello everyone! This might be well in advance, but I would appreciate your past experience (and the current info from admins) on transportation from and to Nantes during the festival. Will there be bus shuttles after midnight to the city? Otherwise, walking for around 30 mins from the festival grounds to the train station at 2 am does not seem to be a good option.

Hello !
We’re still awaiting information about the shuttles and their schedules.

However, we do know that regional trains will be circulating at night from Clisson to Nantes. We’ll have more details soon.

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Thanks a lot, looking forward to the update! :slight_smile:

Hello all,

Easy Camp sales will be held on 6th of April at 2pm CEST. The initial post of this topic has been updated with the available options.

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Just a fair warning! Be careful with the caution! Make absolute 100% sure you’ve recieved it, as contract holder, BEFORE you leave home on Monday!
And no, I am not going to share a story here, just that it’s a pain in the ass to get it back afterwards.

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Hey guys, what’s the story with the secured lockers? Are they going to be available when? I haven’t found the info about it… Sorry if its easy to find :expressionless:

We don’t have any information about the lockers yet. It should be soon. Stay tuned.

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Cheers :ok_hand: I’ll keep my eyes on it​:metal:

what you mean with that?

Just like I said. Make sure you have your caution/bond/deposit back as soon as you check out of the Easy Camp! And that you see your money back, either cash or on your Cashless account!
It’s hsrd to get it back afterwards, once you’re back home.

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Hello !
Some fresh info about booking of shuttles from the airport to Hellfest + suggestions for your journey to Clisson were added to the first post.

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Hello Hellers, any info about the lockers? :expressionless:

Not yet. It should be soon…

you have one Spanish website « plug and lock » for hellfest… i think its a scam…

Depending on the link, it might not be a scam. Hellfest had a partner called Plug and Lock with a Spanish website.
We’re still awaiting confirmation about this year’s service provider.